The IATI Datastore CSV Query Builder and API will no longer be available from 22 March 2021. Please use IATI’s new Datastore Query Builder and API and for any questions email

IATI Datastore CSV Query Builder Alpha

This tool allows you to build common queries to obtain data from the IATI Datastore in CSV format.

You may create queries based on who is reporting the information, where the activity is happening, and the sector that the activity occurs in. This may then be configured to show individual activities, transactions or budgets.

What information are you looking for?

These options let you filter the information you are looking for. Additional filters are available by querying the Datastore manually.


Select the data source

WARNING: The Datastore contains activities reported by both primary and secondary sources. A secondary source, such as the UNOCHA Financial Tracking Service (FTS), reports data it holds about other agencies’ activities. An agency may well report activities to both IATI and FTS, who in turn reports the same activities to IATI.


Select the sector

For more detail of what the sectors are, see the DAC 5 Digit Sector codelist.


Select recipient location

Select EITHER a country OR a region

Choosing a Region AND a Country will not return data as most publishers report to either a Country or a Region.

WARNING: Regions do not automatically contain the countries they are made up of.


Select additional fields


How would you like to view this information?

These options allow you to configure the way in which your data is disaggregated, making different sorts of analysis possible.