Alpha version

Please note that the Datastore is currently in its first release. Therefore, data queries may sometimes result in unexpected outputs. In particualar, invalid publisher data has been known to cause problems when importing data into the Datastore.

If you receive any unexpected results, please let us know: We appreciate your understanding, and invite contributions to the codebase.


Using the Datastore

If you have any problems using the Datastore – whether this is because of bugs, misleading instructions or results – please report these on the mailing list. A collective approach to problem solving will help us get this service up to speed. If you do want to raise an issue privately feel free to mail – but bear in mind that if you think your issue is too ‘dumb’ to raise publicly the chances are the problem lies in our guidance, not your understanding.

Data quality

While the IATI technical team is doing all it can to improve the quality of data published to the standard, GIGO applies. If you come across poor quality data please could you report it to our Data Quality Tracker. This system (which will be launched publicly in 2014) allows you to report issues and browse known problems.