Alpha version

Please note that the Datastore is currently in its first release. Therefore, data queries may sometimes result in unexpected outputs. In particualar, invalid publisher data has been known to cause problems when importing data into the Datastore.

If you receive any unexpected results, please let us know: We appreciate your understanding, and invite contributions to the codebase.

Data Error API

General data

To retrieve metadata on the datasets known to the datastore.

  • /api/1/about/dataset retrieves the list of datasets currently in the datastore
  • /api/1/about/dataset/<dataset> retreives specific details on the dataset
  • /api/1/about/resource?url=<dataset> retreives specific details on the dataset
    • last_modified - the date stamp that the dataset was updated in the iati registry.
    • resources
      • url - url datastore used to fetch the resource
      • last_fetch - last time a fetch was attempted
      • last_successful_fetch - latest date the datastore successfully fetched the resource
      • last_status_code - last http status code on fetch
      • last_parsed - last date resource was successfully parsed
      • num_of_activities number of activities datastore has successfully parsed and stored


To retrieve detailed data on the errors encountered by the parser


  • /api/1/error/dataset retrieves the list of datasets that have errored (in no order)
    • dataset - name of dataset that contains errors
    • logger - ‘queue’ indicates dataset errored whilst fetching and storing the resource whilst ‘Parser’ indicates that the resource was successfully fetched but failed whilst parsing activities
  • /api/1/error/dataset/<dataset_id> retrieves the list of datasets that have errored (in no order)
    • datestamp - date/time that the error occured
    • resource_url - url of the errored resource/dataset
    • msg - error message
    • traceback - detailed traceback of error, useful if you are a developer, please include this any reports on errors
    • logger - logger that reported the error

In plaintext

You can also fetch a list of datasets wget

Detailed logs can be recreated using wget<dataset_id> sorted by date `